Phone Sex Fantasy

Phone Sex Fantasy

I had just got discharged from the Navy. I had a pocket full of money and the world by the tail! As I was driving out of my last duty station, NAS Norfolk, I started the long drive back home to New Mexico. Me and this girl had been chatting for years over the telephone. Our wildest fantasies discussed regularly. Our phone sex was better than any real-life sex i had ever had. I had just crossed the Newport News bridge, tunnel, and came out into the sunshine again I noticed a pretty blonde gal with her thumb out. Of course, I pulled over to pick her up, and she got in my car. Phone sex chat

We started talkin and she told me that she was going to Pennsylvania. I told her that I was taking a left at Richmond and heading west.

We had about 45 mins. before we got to Richmond and we started to talk. We hit it off well and when I got to my exit I told her that I could let her off now. She then asked me if she could continue, instead of heading north to Penn. I told her sure! She was a WAY good looking young lady, about 5’3″ 120 lbs, and a great set of tits. As we were driving down the freeway the talk turned to fantasies and she asked me what my fantasy was. I told her that I wanted to get a playjob while driving down the road! She then informed me that it sounded good to her and that she could fulfill it for me. She told me that there was one stipulation, “if anyone drove up beside us to tell her so we wouldn’t get caught!” Of course I said sure! So I unzipped my pants, slid the seat back, and she leaned over me and started to suck on on my length. Oh man! I was in heaven! As her hot mouth slid up and down, taking my whole 6″ deep in her mouth I couldn’t concentrate on my driving very well.

Hell I noticed, at one time I was doing 90 mph, and a few mins. later I was doing 45.

Just then a big rig started to pull up on our left, but the gal was busy with her head in my crotch and there was no way that I was going to tell her to quit because I was getting ready to shoot my load in her sweet mouth.

As the big rig pulled up beside us I looked up and there was a relief driver in the passenger side of the rig looking down. Hell, all I could do was smile up at him. He broke into the biggest shit-eating grin that I ever saw, just as I busted my load and she swallowed every drop down. She pulled her head up and saw the truck passing us on the left.

A little perturbed she asked me why I didn’t tell her that the truck was there? I just told her ” don’t worry baby, no one had seen anything! This satisfied her and we had a great 5-day trip, playing and sucking our way across the US. Oh, by the way, I let her off in Albuquerque and never seen her again.

This happened over 25 years ago but it is etched on my memory as one of the best times of my life!

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Do you think you have what it takes to serve, amuse and completely surrender yourself to a Supremely Divine Goddess?

LOL you wish you did…but you are still yearning..and that is why you are in dire need of so much training and guidance and discipline, isn’t it?

Somehow, through some miracle, you have been extremely blessed to have found the exquisite, imaginative and magnificently gorgeous Mistress Shakti who delights and finds amusement in a wide array of teasing, training and punishing her little pets…






· ….. and


You will be forced to do things MY way for MY PLEASURE!

I do live phone sessions, Bondage, worship, sensual domination, physical punishment, whipping, spanking, caning, flogging, tickling, tease & denial, smothering, CB & nipple torture, wrestling, ball busting, wax, sensory deprivation, forced feminization, pet training, slut training, maid training, interrogation, role play, foot, boot and many other fetishes and fantasies –are some of the directions playtime could go in…

NO toilet training, full body worship, or animals!

The Mistress is interested in caressing your boundaries but not pushing you too past your limits…all play is consensual.

The Mistress

The Mistress likes surprises (good ones) so if you bring Her a large or small gift it may give Her hope that you could be worthy of serving Her…IF it is apparent that your ULTIMATE goal is to please and satisfy your Mistress in whatever, silly, severe, crazy, painful or humiliating way She wants.

If you can prove that you can take the heat, let go and fully surrender yourself to a Mistress as perfect as Shakti then you will find yourself in a divine place where nothing else matters.

If you do not have the UTMOST total respect and adoration of your Mistress then you needn’t bother – you will only find what you’re looking for when you know that your highest pleasure is derived from pleasing your Mistress.

Only the most respectful submissives will be tolerated