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Butt Plugs For Fun

The butt plug’s function is essentially self-explanatory; it’s an anal toy that’s inserted into the rectum for anal stimulation. Butt plugs can be made from an impressive variety of materials; butt plugs made from rubber variants are the most common, but you can easily find butt plugs made from glass, metal, or stone. Plugjoy.com says “a typical butt plug is shaped like an inverted top and has a flared base to prevent the butt plug from becoming lodged in the anus.” While the flared base is common to all butt plugs, you’ll find a tantalizing variety of shapes to choose from; there are butt plugs made from a string of spheres which mimic the action of anal beads as well as a plethora of butt plugs with the requisite curvature to stimulate the prostate.

While butt plugs are most commonly thought of as sensual aids for men, many women have discovered the pleasurable anal sensations that the butt plug is uniquely equipped to deliver. Women who wear butt plugs during vaginal intercourse often find that their g-spots get more consistent stimulation; the butt plug’s position angles the penis toward the g-spot and assists in triggering simultaneous vaginal and g-spot orgasms.

Butt plugs can be much more than simple mini-dildos. Vibrating butt plugs, particularly p-spot butt plugs, provide a gentle way to get introduced to the power of the prostate orgasm while deriving all the health benefits of a prostate massage. Or perhaps you still find rectal insertion to be uncomfortable. The inflatable butt plug is your answer. The deflated plug inserts quite easily and can then be pumped up to a level that gives you maximum anal stimulation with minimal discomfort. For additional anal play realism, why not try an ejaculating butt plug? Just squeeze its hand pump to enjoy the sensation. The best thing about a butt plug is both men and women can both use one. It feels really good and everyone can use one.

Butt plug play treats you to the arousing world of anal stimulation and their small size makes them ideal for anal newcomers. Just remember to use a generous amount of lube and clean your plug after every use, and you’ll enjoy years of delightful anal arousal.

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