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Foot Fetish Phone Sex UK

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What is New in the Fetish Phone Sex

What is New in the Fetish Phone Sex

Making love over the phone is one of the most fun ways to add excitement to your sexy adult UK telephone life. Whatever your reasons for making love over the phone, it’s always a good idea if you just want to or want to surprise your partner.

But you must take into account that to have a good time, you must know how to let yourself be carried, you open and be predisposed to give you to your heart’s content. We will give you some tips for making love over the phone.

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Steps to follow:

  1. Before making love over the phone, it is important that you do it at a time when you know that the other person can answer you without any problem, with some calm and in private. It’s not a matter of planning, but the moment is the key to both enjoying the moment and giving free rein to your inhibitions.
  2. Before making the call, think that to make love by phone, it is recommended to speak in a very sensual voice. Also, think about how to get started. It is important that you try to relax and feel comfortable when making the call. It must not sound wrong, you must feel very open. Lie down on your bed, moan, you can even have a drink to relax and detach from reality.
  3. Prepare your room for this moment, do not leave everything in a bazaar, full of papers, books, bills, the bed is undone, etcetera. It’s about creating a comfortable, pleasant, and relaxing atmosphere. You can bring down the intensity of the light, put candles or sensual music.
  4. You have to feel sexy and pretty to be able to make love over the phone because that way, you will transmit all your sex appeal. So make yourself beautiful, pamper yourself before the reunion: you can make a good bath, you wax, perfume, put on a set of lingerie, and even begin to caress you thinking about the good time that you will spend.
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  6. When you call, take a soft, low tone, as if you were whispering. Start slowly, do not go straight to the point, it is about creating a little interest for everything to go gradually.

A good way to start: ask him how his day went. But do not go into too much detail, do not go away from the lens.

  1. Tell them what you wear, be provocative, go into details and describe what clothes you wear little by little and explain specifically how good these clothes are, that they mark you well at the hips, chest… He will love.
  2. Tell him things he will be pleased to hear such as, for example, that you would love him to be by your side at the same time, that his body is missing, etcetera. You can even be concrete by explaining what parts of your body you like the most and the effect it makes you.
  3. Tell him what you would like him to do and what you would like him to do to you if you were together. Take your time for this part, start by saying something like “first, I’ll caress your hair, face…”, then become more and more explicit little by little.
  4. If you dare, describe what you do to yourself while you speak. You can be as clear and daring as you wish, you are master of your own limits. You can even excite him even more by asking him what he wants you to do to him.
  5. A good resource to get to the limit of excitement is to talk about concrete moments in your sex life especially memorable.

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